About Us


The Lightforce team is composed of inspired people who have come together with a single dream: Help others live in an enlighten world.

We are now 75 Salesforce employees, who are committed to this cause.

Our supportive and diverse team consists of sales people, pre-sales engineers, and sales specialists, all from different departments at Salesforce.

It all started after we met Illac, the founder of Liter of Light, and learnt about the actions he is leading around the world.

Shortly after, actions were carried out and teams were organised around areas of expertise so that everyone could contribute to the building: communication, logistics, technology, fundraising, partner relations …

Shortly after we were already in Kenya where we had the chance to live a life changing experience where we worked with locals to bring light to a Massai


Team Kenya

And this year, we will help 4 villages in 4 different countries (Brazil, Philippines, Senegal and Kenya).

Our team needs you and your support to take this project to the end.

“Ohana” as we call it at Salesforce, is this family spirit, this solidarity, this desire to undertake together and to transmit.

If you are also animated by those values and wish to be part of this human adventure.


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