Board portals can provide you with the support you need to keep your important documents secure

Automation of work processes, for example, document flow, especially for large companies, has become a vital tool in recent years. After all, it gives businesses additional competitive advantages in the form of increased labor productivity and, ultimately, secures collaboration. So, how to stay secure with a board portal?

Board portal: what is the purpose?

Protecting a company's branch network is a complex and time-consuming task that requires the involvement of a security service, the use of automated security and analytics tools, and the selection of a personal security strategy. Modern portal technologies are a universal tool for building complex information systems, providing mass access to information from various applications within a single interface, and providing each user with an exhaustive set of necessary functions and services for solving various problems.

The board portal is a secure digital solution for automating business processes that support the activities of the board of directors and management. A platform like BoardMind makes it possible to prepare and conduct remote meetings of the board of directors and other governing bodies with the possibility of electronic voting, collecting all materials, and providing director communications in one workspace with access worldwide 24/7. The main purpose of the board software is to improve the efficiency of the board of directors by creating a single information environment at source, organizing internal communications between board members, and ensuring their remote participation in voting procedures and management decision-making. It offers several security functions, including encryption, compliance with European requirements for personal data (GDPR), and password protection.

How to keep data secure in board software?

The demand for digital document management systems for collegial bodies is steadily increasing. Automation of documentary support of business processes in organizations has undeniable advantages. Easy access to materials and instructions makes it possible to exercise systematic control over implementing decisions. With all its widest functionality, the board portal meets the highest information security requirements.

Therefore, an important feature of board software protection is the differentiation of access rights to the system functionality and individual documents. The existing access control methods protect electronic documents from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, copying, and distribution within one system. Still, they cannot provide a solution to the issue of trust in the electronic interaction of users of different systems.

Efficient meetings and secure collaboration

The use of the board software allows the company to get valuable benefits and capabilities in organizing efficient board management:

  • Security. The software puts your security first with enterprise-level features and the highest level of data encryption.
  • Ease of use. The software's simple and inclusive design makes it accessible to people of all abilities and technological usability.
  • Intelligent. You can boost your productivity with board portal powerful collaboration and productivity tools – all in one platform.

Board portals can be the solution for executives to make better decisions in less time. The software allows you to configure the buttons, create cards and boards, and create templates for repeating tasks, and thanks to the automation function, you can configure commands and triggers based on the rules. For example, when transferring a card to a specific column, a given period of execution will be set for it, or participants will be added by default.